Small dry particles of matter: dust, by any another name would turn out to be the same, and yes, a rose is a rose! A comparison of dust and an opinion have some interesting similarities: They are everywhere. They are of little value at very critical times. They seem to get in the way when we want to come to a truthful evaluation of a matter.

Unlike a rose, no romance with either! There exist many universally known truths. They are all covered with both: dust and opinion! Their differences are minute, albeit conclusive. Dust is distractive and opinion is destructive. We are all entitled to an opinion, dust, on the other hand, just happens! Dust can easily be removed from an object, opinion with some difficulty. Dust still remains of little value; opinions have become a marketable commodity.
This entitlement to an opinion is self-imposed and in the real world is an illusion. We live within an opinion and die to the dust! Not very profound, it's just the way it spins. Most disconcerting is this could easily be understood as an opinion of small dry particles of matter or a rose by no other name!